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Translations for Websites

Developing a multilingual website is the best way to reach foreign markets and increase your international sales.

Although English is an international language, most internet users search the internet in their native language. Research has shown time and time again that web users are up to four times more likely to make purchases or trade when addressed in their native language, and visitors have been noticed to stay for twice as long on a site written in their own language.

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Website translation demands total accuracy, special cultural knowledge and a high level of organization. We work closely with our clients to ensure that these requirements are met. All our translators are certified translators in their native languages.

Media Eye Studios can translate your website as well as register it in the search engines of other languages and promote it in many other ways. Please contact us for a customized quote or more information.

Language Translations

We are able to offer website translation and search engine promotion in different languages such as:
- English
- French
- Spanish
- German
- Chinese
- other languages

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